JA Mould Industrial Co., Limited is specialized in making high quality Plastic Injection Mold and precision mold components,

JA is not only the provider of the plastic injection mold for the Automotive,Medical,Electrical,Household industries and other Industries but also the supplier of the machining service. Such as(precision mold parts ,Mold Hot runner components , Valve pin , Cosmetic mold parts , Medical mold parts ,Pen mold core components and so on)

With rich experience and outstandingly precise, over 95% of our products are exported. 

JA Mould Industrial gives support to business partners in the plastic industry and mold parts line who continually need to reduce their costs and meet tight deadlines without sacrificing quality. We help our customers to concentrate on their own business.

If you are looking for the high quality with rich experienced manufacturer of the plastic injection mold and mold components JA mould Industrial is the preferred supplier for you. We are a factory with the certification of the ISO9001:2008 and IATF16949 If you are in the Medical, Construction, Automotive, Security, Agriculture or Personal Care industries, then JA Mould Industrial Co., Limited will bring you the benefit.

With many years of combined staff experience, we can guarantee exceptional quality, innovation, and dedication.

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